Friday, July 18, 2014

“The butterflies have flown away, like my ignorance and youth.”
-Eileen Granfors

I wish to resume flogging the dead horse. Maybe I was a S&M dominatrix in a previous life... who knows. Here is a citizen all volunteer park renovation project in National City, California where they took neglected city property and turned it into a mini oasis of life.

Aired April 22, 2013

The City of Laguna Beach wouldn't allow the volunteer maintenance and upkeep of an already existing butterfly garden within Alta Laguna Park that was not so grand in scope as National City's or the Gibbs Butterfly Park in Huntington Beach, California.

Due to its location along a coastal ridge on top of a hill that bisects two distinct biomes: coastal and intercoastal, a relatively immense amount of various butterfly species visited the site. Off the top of my head, I can remember seeing at least 19 different species, and there were more I couldn't identify. Being on a hill gives Alta Laguna Park the added bonus of "hill-topping": articles here and here.  Shortsightedness on the City of Laguna Beach management's part, as the infrastructure is already in place!

This edition of dead horse flogging is complete.

More flagellation later, maybe...

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