Monday, February 13, 2017

Just a quick little update and comment on the previous post by reader Margot Norris. She pointed out that Transition Laguna held a potluck for migrating Monarchs January 24th, plus the City of Laguna Beach gave a grant for the start of a Laguna Beach Monarch Way Station. This is very good news! Looks like the ball is beginning to roll...

"The Daily Pilot local newspaper had an interesting article this morning titled "Monarchs in need of local help." It mentions that "the city of Laguna Beach gave $5000 to the environmental group Transition Laguna," (see
. The group's leader, named Chris Prelitz, is also talking to "groups like the Laguna Canyon Foundation, the Laguna Library monach project, the Garden Club and others in Orange County to unite efforts."
So let's hope there's some progress on this front in Laguna.



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